5/12/15 at Daniel S. Frawley Stadium

This was my first game of the 2015 season. My dad and I headed down to Wilmington to see the Blue Rocks play the Potomac Nationals. I was particularly excited for this game because MLB Veteran Rafael Furcal was working his way up the Royals minor league system. He was recovering from a torn ACL and had just joined Wilmington after leaving extended Spring Training. He made it up to Double AA but then retired. I arrived at about 6:10 for the 6:35 start, so I missed batting practice. But Lucas Giolito was charting that night and when he walked up into the stands I got him to sign both of my 8×10 photos (he personalized both). Then I got a toss up from an unknown Potomac National and went to my seat by the Blue Rocks bullpen.  

 I then got Giolito to sign this ball after the game and got a picture with him.  

 He was a really nice guy. Also, I managed to get the lineup card from the Potomac Manager.  

   I will be going to the game tomorrow and will have a much longer post about that game. Hopefully I will be there for BP.    
2015 Stats

1 game

1 ball

1.00 balls per game

High-A Blue Rocks announce roster


Blue Rocks 2015 Roster

Originally posted on Drinking the Royals Blue Aid:

For the first time in years, there are more than a few familiar faces on the Wilmington Blue Rocks Opening Day roster. Eleven to be exact. However, there are just three pitchers back in a Blue Rocks uniform.

Here is the complete roster:

Wilmington_Blue_Rocks_2010_2Pitchers: Matt Alvarez, Yender Caramo, Estarlin Cordero, Andrew Edwards, Luke Farrell, Nick Green, Jakob Junis, Alec Mills, Benino Pruneda, Cody Reed, Luis Rico, Eric Skoglund, and Robinson Yambati.

Catchers: Zane Evans and Cam Gallagher. Evans is a bit of a surprise, considering he started the three Double-A spring games I attended.

Infielders: Frank Schwindel, Kenny Diekroeger, Jack Lopez, Ramon Torres, Robert Pehl, and Mauricio Ramos.

Outfielders: Bubba Starling, Daniel Rockett, Dominique Taylor, and Logan Moon.

For fans, the name Benino Pruneda may sound familiar. He closed out the second of back-to-back no-hitters for Lynchburg last season against the Blue Rocks.

Two of the new Blue Rocks, Nick Green…

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8/11/14 at Cal Ripken Stadium

This was my first Ironbirds game. I had always seen the stadium from the highway, but had never been to a game.IMG_5520 We arrived at about 5:45, 15 minutes before the gates opened. It was Cal Ripken Sr. Bobblehead Night

IMG_0111 . Our seats were in section 101, just to the right of home plate. I had about an hour before first pitch so I went exploring. The bullpens are behind the outfield fence near the clubhouses.P1060848 A Jammers pitcher hooked me up with my first ball. I got some Jammers to sign my team sheet while I waited for the Jammers manager to ask for the lineup card. He said he saves them for stats to help him :(. I got another ball during warmups. The highlight of the night was getting a picture with Cal Ripken Jr. after he threw out the first pitch.IMG_5536 Overall it was a great night and I can’t wait to go back next season.

5/30/14 at Citizens Bank Park

At the last minute, my family decided to go to the Phillies game so I quickly bought some tickets in section 434. I couldn’t pack all my gear in time, but I got most of the essentials. We arrived at about 5:15 (15 minutes late). IMG_4332 We saw the last few minutes of Phillies BP and my sister got the last ball, a tossup from an unkown Phillie.IMG_4335My sisters took pictures for me so I don’t have many to share. I headed towards the foul poul and sprinted into foul territory once it opened. Henry Mejia was leaning where the ballgirl sits and he said he would “sign after BP.” Even though I was right there with my card out… During Mets BP my family mainly stayed in centerfield. IMG_4336 Mejia threw up tons of balls, but mostly to the same little kids every time, but he did throw one to my dad. I spent my time in the pizza wedge (section 101) and in foul territory near the rightfield foul pole. I tried to get a ball from the Mets bullpen catcher, but it wasn’t meant to be… I had one chance at a homer in center, but it landed a few rows above me and then bounced back down. If I’d been either a few rows higher or lower it would have been mine. Plus the Mets were barely hitting and homers, and most of them went to a very crowded right field. I went back to center and say Bartolo Colon with a ball so I yelled “Bartoloooooo.” He turned around, but I guess his hearing is bad so he threw the ball to some dude 10 feet to my left smh. BP ended and we went to get food. IMG_4338 First we had to stop at Chickie’s and Pete’s obviously.IMG_4340 I ate my cheesetseak in section 101 and watched Burnett warm up, hoping to get a ball when he was done.image-2 Sure enough, Jesus Tiamo flipped me a ball after AJ was finished. Here I am waiting.IMG_4341 We decided to sit in our actual seats: section 434 row 1.IMG_4354 Not bad.IMG_4346 Skyline. IMG_4359 My sister’s first career ball. I trained her well.Dom Bomb 3 RUN DOM BOMB!!! The game went into 14 innings and the Phillies won on a walkoff single by Reid Brignac. We moved down and sat in the outfield in the 9th. I got a postgame tossup from Jeff Manship. The game took 5 hours 23 minutes.


2 balls

1 game

2.oo BPG

5/22/14 at Frawley Stadium

This is my 2nd Blue Rocks game of the season and it was a 10:35 start. It was intended for school trips to come so as you can imagine, it was a madhouse.

20140523-091629.jpgThats just a few of the buses… We had General Admission seats and I snagged a foul ball up there (the only one hit there all day), which was my 30th career MiLB ball

20140530-130458.jpg I later went outside the stadium and got a tossup from the Mudcats bullpen.

20140530-130741.jpg It was a practice ball

20140530-130807.jpg The Blue rocks lost 3-2. After the game, the Mudcats manager Scooter Tucker gave me the lineup card.

20140530-131524.jpg In the parking lot, I gave the practice ball to a young fan in Phillies gear, who depressed that he didn’t snag a ball. Stay tuned for more posts soon, including the California/Carolina League All Star Game and Home Run Derby in mid-June.

2 Games
3 Balls
1.5 BPG
31 Career Balls

Spring Training Game 3 – 3/11/14 Champion Stadium

Hey Guys,

Here is my final Spring Training post. I couldn’t do it earlier because of school but now school is winding down so get ready for lots of ballhawking action. So for this game my dad and I left Clearwater around 8:30, stopped at Waffle House, and entered the gates around 10:45. IMG_5239 My hat is at a a funny angle lol. I headed for the left field berm, but then a bunch of Phillies players headed for the batting cages so I waited for autos.IMG_5243 This pathway to the batting cages is an autograph collectors dream!IMG_5267 IMG_5270 Here is Kevin Frandsen signing. IMG_5294 Big piece signing.IMG_5301 This is my favorite picture of the whole trip. Me and Ruf.IMG_5307 My dad and I on top of the berm. I snagged 3 balls, tossup from a Braves pitcher, long tossup from Dom Brown, and a ball I snagged on the walkway. For autos I got Ryan Howard, Darin Ruf, Maikel Franco, Kevin Frandsen, John Mayberry, and a few others on my team balls. An usher said he had never seen a visiting team sign that many autos before, but hey Phillies fans travel well! I didn’t get any game balls because I was on the Braves side. Overall it was an incredible trip. My dad and I had a great time. Stay tuned for some Blue Rocks posts soon.

Spring Training Game 2 – Brighthouse Field 3/10/14

Hey Guys, since I haven’t been to any games yet, here is another post from
Spring Training. My dad and I went to Lenny’s for breakfast. That is the place to go before the game. Phillies staff, players, coaches, etc.. frequently eat there and its about 1 mile from the field. We arrived at the field around 10:15, 20 minutes before the gates opened. IMG_5080 There was a nice Phillies cup giveaway that we didn’t even know about. As I was standing in line a scout for the Mets walked past me which was pretty cool. I headed for right field upon entering and was quickly rewarded with a tossup from a Phillies pitcher in left. I think it was from David Buchanan. I went all the way over to the fenced off bushes and then he threw it to me.IMG_5102A homer landed just above me on the walkway so I couldn’t get it. Here I am in right center..IMG_5115 This is the groundscrew area down the baseline.IMG_5112 Jroll signed a card for me and Howard, Asche, and Nieves signed balls above the dugout pregame. I got a gamers from Utley and Collier.

20140419-234530.jpg A worker gave me the Braves lineup card after the game.

20140419-234650.jpg I ended the day with 6 balls (5 total)

Spring Training Game 1 – Hammond Stadium 3/9/14

(Because I have three games to recap these posts will have less pictures and be a bit shorter than normal) Our first game of the 3 game trip was the Phillies @ Twins in Fort Myers.20140324-081516.jpg

My dad and I arrived at the stadium at about 10:30. Hammond StadiumThis was definitely my favorite stadium of the three that we went to. As soon as we entered I headed towards the Phillies dugout (firstbase side).Twins BP(Thats me in the red and blue shirt)IMG_4999 Ben Revere walked out of the dugout and went to talk to some of his former teammates and coaches from the Twins while they took BP. After he finished talking, I threw him my baseball and he signed it on the sweetspot! I then got coach Larry Bowa to sign a mini helmet. Next Darin Ruf signed my ball, but he signed really small on the side-panel but I was still excited to get his autograph. Cody signingI then got Cody Asche on the sweetspot, which is my favorite signed ball of the whole trip. So within about 10 minutes, all the new balls I brought had been signed. Then the Phillies went on the field to stretch so I headed for the outfield.IMG_5030 I went to the berm in left field and Twins pitcher Samuel Deduno threw me my first ball of the spring. Once the Phillies started hitting I headed to right-center. Zach Collier threw a ball to me from far away and it bounced of my glove and fell behind the outfield wall, but hey I need spring training also. Phillipe Aumont threw me my ball second ball and then I threw it back down with a pen. He signed on the sweetspot and I got to talk to him for a little while. While I was gone, my dad had gotten a ball from Tyson Gillies in left field. (since I couldn’t count my dad’s balls in my collection, I used them to get signed). BJ Rosenberg then threw me a ball in left-center. My last BP ball was a tossup from Ken Giles on the left-field berm. We then grabbed some lunch and ate under a pavilion in right-field near the pond outside the stadium. We had seats behind the outfield end of the Phillies dugout. Early in the game, Asche hit a foul ball into the dugout and a Phillies photographer threw me the ball. Later on Mayberry was running to first and they threw the ball over first base and it bounced off the dugout. Chris Colabello, the Twins firstbaseman threw me the ball. I wasn’t expeccting to get more than one game used ball on the whole trip and I already had two! The game ended in a 1-1 tie. After the game I got a ball from Phillies pitcher Sean O’Sullivan in the bullpen. Overall, it was a very successful first game. We also went to Sanibel Island for a little bit and then ate dinner at Jimmy-John’s. Then we drove to Clearwater were we stayed for two nights.

7 Balls from this game

2014 Average – 7.00 balls per game


Spring Training 2014

I’M GOING TO SPING TRAINING! Hey guys as you probably already know, I’m SUPER excited to attend spring training. I will see the Phillies @ Twins on Sunday, then Braves @ Phillies on Monday, and Phillies @ Braves on Tuesday. I have good seats behind the dugouts so I will hopefully snag some gamers. The first recap will probably be up the Saturday after I come home. If anyone has any tips lmk in the comments.

20140303-081214.jpg This pretty much shows my excitement.

8/1/2013 at Citizens Bank Park

My dad and I decided to go see the Phillies play the Giants on the last game of the three game series. The Phillies had beaten the reigning World Series Champs 7-3 in the first game, but they were blown out 9-2 in the second game. Obviously, I didn’t think they would win. Matt Cain was taking the bump for the Giants and Cole Hamels was pitching for the Phillies. I predicted that it would be a low scoring game were one of the pitchers would allow 1 run and then it would be up to the bullpens. I was correct, but more on the later. I had received a special buy one get one offer from the Phillies by voting for them for the ASG. My dad and I found some nice seats in left field and decided to purchase them. About 15 minutes before we left, I called the BP hotline because it had been raining all day. The rain was supposed to pass through Philly by 4, which it did, but the BP hotline said there would be no BP because the field was soaked. As you can imagine, I was not very happy with this news. We still left on time and arrived at the stadium around 4:15.  The Ashburn Alley gate opens at 4:35.  P1060559Most stadiums don’t open that early so I’m glad that the Phillies do. It was Brad Lidge retirement night so we grabbed our Brad Lidge Prints and headed in.Brad Lidge Print Once we put the Lidge Prints in my binder we went to left field to find our seats. We were the only people in the outfield except for another dad and son. A Giants pitcher was warming up with a coach near the foul pole. I couldn’t tell who the pitcher was because he didn’t have his jersey on. P1060561The quality wasn’t very good on my camera because I had to adjust a setting. If you know who it it please leave a comment. Notice the tobacco in his pocket. He finished warming up shortly after and I asked the coach for the ball. He flipped it to me where I was standing in foul territory just left off the foul pole. It was a practice ball and it also happened to be the first MLB practice ball I’d ever snagged. I was glad to snag a ball and keep my streak alive because I knew it would be tricky without BP.  My dad took a picture of me with the ball. IMG_2716 Pablo Sandoval was jogging on the warning track and he told a kid with a panda hat that he would sign autographs today. I got his attention and hoped I could get him to sign my card. Since there was no BP I walked around and took some pictures. The Tarp I went into the camera area and spotted two baseballs in the batters eye. P1060567 I briefly thought about using the glove trick but I decided against it for obvious reasons.

1. I probably had enough string, but the angle was really tough.

2. The sharpie would probably fall out.

3. My glove could get stuck.

4. I could get thrown out.

Here is a look at the cameras. P1060569After this, I searched through all the flowers for baseballs, but I didn’t find any as I expected.  We went to Ashburn Alley for a little bit and looked at all the neat things they have there. Here is Dallas Green’s plaque. P1060576Me in front of the visitors bullpen. P1060572 Then we went to the Ashburn Alley store for a little bit. Not much was going on, but I met some graphers from California who told me about their impressive collection. The rest of the stadium opened at 5:35 so I headed over to the barrier to wait. All the other gates opened on time so they let people through as soon as the all clear was given on the radio. I ran over to get a good spot for Giants autographs, but NOBODY came out for about an hour. I did get Joe Savery to sign the ball I snagged earlier. He was in the tunnel signing autographs for some people. P1060582 I didn’t know it was him, but the kid next to me asked him who he was and he said Joe Savery. He only signed for 2 people. Thanks Joe.P1060588 I could see Pablo Sandoval in the dugout on his phone. P1060581 You might have to zoom in to see him. Panda ended up not signing autographs and the only Giant who signed was Hunter Pence. He signed for me and about 10 others. He signed my card sideways but oh well. I was still really excited. Unfortunately, I missed Brad Lidge’s first pitch because Pence was signing my card. My dad and I headed back to our seats for the start of the game.IMG_2700 Here was my view. I had plenty of space behind me and some space to my right if a homerun was hit at me.P1060585 The game was a pitching duel. Matt Cain and COle Hamels were both lights out. Cain had a perfect game through for innings until Chase Utley singled.  Cole Hamels decided to get himself some runs because whenever he pitches the offense gives him NO run support. Hamels got a RBI bloop single over Sandoval’s head. The game was going very fast and it was only 8:30 at the start of the 6th inning. During the seventh inning stretch, my dad and I moved by the bullpens in center field. We stood by the bullpen railing in-between innings.IMG_2715 I was hoping to get a ball from the Giants. IMG_2702 The ushers told everyone to move away from the railing, but this man stayed and the Giants flipped him a ball. Oh well. Here is Papelbon warming up.IMG_2718 I moved down and sat next to the bullpen when Papelbon came in. He promptly blew the game, allowing the Giants to score 2 runs. Antonio Bastardo had been warming up for a while and had thrown about 30 pitches. All the fans were yelling for Bastardo to come in.  I kept waiting for a pitching chance but it never came. Papelbon finally got out off the inning.  After the inning ended,  Erik Kratz flipped me a baseball from the bullpen.IMG_2704 He threw me the ball sitting in the water.  I moved to the tunnel on the third base line because I thought it was the umpire tunnel (I had never been near their before so now I know its at the end of the visitors dugout.)  IMG_2705 Romo came in to close the game for the Giants. Delmon Young reached on an error, Cody Asche recorded his first MLB hit when Romo slipped after picking up Asche’s bunt. Mayberry was hit to load the bases with no outs. Ruiz flied out but not deep enough for the runner to tag. Laynce Nix struck out. 2 outs. Erik Kratz pinch hit for PapelbonIMG_2707 Look at the scoreboard LOL.  I have no clue why Kratz pinch hit. Charlie Manuel should’ve used Kevin Frandsen, who has come through with many pinch hits this season. Romo is a righty and Kratz and Frandsen are both righties. I don’t know what Manuel was thinking. Anyway, Kratz grounded out to end the game. What a TERRIBLE blown game. I headed down to the dugout hoping for a ball from the bullpen pitchers walking in.IMG_2708 Matt Cain is being interviewed in the picture. Nobody threw up any balls at my end of the dugout and then security started asking people to leave. We went to the Majestic Clubhouse store and a fan joked, “Get a free Papelbon t-shirt with any purchase.” LOL. Overall, it was a fun game despite the 9th inning collapse. Here are all the things I got.P1060586P1060588Brad Lidge Print















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